Wine Delivered Jukes Cordialities


Jukes Cordialities

Jukes is a brand-new category of non-alcoholic drinks, with complex flavours assembled by the olfactory and sensory expertise of Matthew Jukes, a professional wine taster. Jukes are truly rounded and complex drinks, which are able to replace a great glass of wine for all occasions when you choose not to drink alcohol. These non-alcoholic drinks show exquisite, complex, and aromatic characters, and are all fewer than 18kcal per serving.

Jukes non alcoholic drinks, Matthew carefully layers all-natural fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, and macerates them in organic apple cider vinegar to draw out precisely the right amount of character and flavour from every ingredient. Organic apple cider vinegar forms the ‘backbone’ of the drinks, allowing the ingredients to line up beautifully on the palate, adding dryness and length and making Jukes a great accompaniment to food. Great taste comes from exceptional quality, all-natural ingredients.  Each Jukes involves approximately two dozen; fruit, vegetables, fresh and dried herbs, spices and flowers, sourced from the same merchants who supply London’s finest restaurants.

Jukes are designed to be diluted with still, sparkling or even, tonic water. Yet the preferred serve, as suggested by Matthew, is simply served in a large wine glass with ice cold still or sparkling water and then add Jukes pluming into the glass. The addition of ice is at the drinkers discretion.

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