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Jukes 8 – The Rosé

World-famous designer Matthew Williamson has joined forces with Jukes to create a stunning new box to mark the launch of the Rosé-inspired, Jukes 8.

Jukes 8 is Matthew Jukes’ take on a modern rosé, with a nod to the hallmarks and historical triggers of some of his favourite Provençal wines. This rosé wine alternative evokes the flavours of the wild Provençal countryside and the Mediterranean coastline through a delicate layering of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

 ‘I have never tasted a non-alcoholic ‘rosé’ as delicious as this one (Jukes 8) from Matthew Jukes.’ Sacha Lichine, founder of Whispering Angel Rosé & Château d’Esclans.

  • 9 x 30ml bottles in a box
  • Alcohol free
  • Apple Cider Vinegar based, Vegan
  • Low Calories (13Kcal per glass when mixed)
  • Made in London

Tasting Notes: The main flavour thrust is based on melon, pomegranate, pear, rhubarb and apple, with the careful addition of vegetables and other herbs and spices that contribute to impact and detail. There is a faint ozone tang which hints at a shoreline vibe while ensuring that the palate is super-sleek, firmly dry and very long.

Serve and store: 1 bottle of Jukes 8 makes two 125ml glasses. First pour 125ml of chilled still, sparkling or even tonic water into a wine glass, then pour in half a bottle of Jukes 8. Stir, taste and then adjust to your palate. We love it, especially with chilled still water.

Refrigerate the bottle once opened.

£40.00 Inc. VAT 30ml


United Kingdon


Fruity, deep and spicy in style


Apple Cider Vinegar based, Vegan







Wine specs

Tasting notes

The ‘rosé’. Inspired by the food, wine, and countryside of Provence, this is perfumed, delicate, and refreshingly crisp.

  • 9 x 30ml bottles in a box
  • Alcohol-free
  • Apple Cider Vinegar based, Vegan
  • Low Calories


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