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My introduction to wine came at the tender age of 17. I was playing for Somerset CCC and was given the important task of carrying the late John Arlott’s wicker basket to the radio commentary box. Inside this basket was his new selection of Beaujolais, French cheese and baguettes. He asked me if I drank wine and I said, “No sir, I’m from Somerset and drink cider”.

A few days later we happened to be on the same train to London and this was where I had my first sip of wine. That sip cemented not only a lasting friendship with John, but also a continuing passion for wine.

Developing my own range of wines has been something I’ve wanted to do for years and I’m thrilled with the results. In making these wines, I’ve travelled across Australia and New Zealand and visited many of the wine making regions each country has to offer, meeting the personalities behind each label and tasting and blending as I go.

People ask me what I’m looking for in a good wine and the answer is simple. It must taste exceptional and offer good value for its price tag. I believe each of my wines delivers that and I hope you agree!


Sir Ian Botham at Lord's Cricket Ground July 2018