Sadō Gin

Sadō Gin – The journey starts with the unique Hojicha roasted green tea which originated in Kyoto, Japan over a hundred years ago.

In early 2019 during trip to Japan they fell in love with Hojicha tea’s distinct taste and aroma. After searching Japan for the best quality Hojicha tea they found a small plantation in Okumikawa that produced a remarkable tea. Many of the tea trees on the farm are over 100 years old and they have made teas for the Emperor of Japan for almost 40 years.

After researching the best botanicals we created they recipe from eight of the finest: Juniper, Hojicha Tea, Orris Root, Coriander seeds, Elderflower, Sweet orange peel, Lemongrass and pink peppercorn.

Distillation of Sadō Gin takes place in small copper pot stills, 200 bottles at a time, in England

Botanicals include: Juniper, Hojicha tea, Orris Root, Elderflower, Sweet Orange peel, Lemongrass and Coriander.