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0% Kylie Minogue Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé

Kylie Minogue launches her first 0% alcohol Sparkling Rosé, with flavours and acidic balance mirroring found in wine.

Through a blend of European premium grapes and green tea selected from the Liu-Da Mountains of Yunnan province in China, Kylie Minogue’s latest 0% alcohol production process provides maximum development of wine attributes without generating any alcohol.

The careful selection of ingredients is reflected in the extraction process of the tea, with one bud and two leaves individually hand-plucked at a time. Brewed into a strong infusion and added to the grape ferment, the result is an additional mouthfeel and finish, rounded off with dried tannins to present a complex and finely balanced Sparkling Rosé, minus the alcohol. Kylie Minogue Wine’s Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé is just 22 calories per 100ml which is around 80 less calories per glass than a standard glass of Prosecco, making it a delicious, lighter alternative.

£7.00 Inc. VAT 75cl





Wine specs

Tasting notes

A refreshing,  sparkling and finely balanced non-alcoholic drink with notes of fresh strawberries and a complex, dry finish.

No Alcohol Sparkling Rosé

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