Hiver Session IPA

Founded in 2013 Hannah has been the founder and driving force behind Hiver, an all-British craft blonde beer, brewed with both urban and rural honey. It doesn’t take long in her company to realise just how much this beer means to her.

In her own words the aim of Hiver was “One beer. Done well.” and oh boy is there some attention to detail in this beer.

Bees forage up to three miles from their hive and the plants that they pollinate is evident in the honey that they produce. “Understanding that is central to the development of Hiver” explains Hannah. Three different types of raw honey are used. London bees provide citrus, mint and elderflower notes whereas orchard bees provide an apple blossom taste. The fragrance is down to some Yorkshire heather honey.

The session IPA took quite a bit of thinking and preparation, the process of creating a distinctive IPA that they could be proud of, where only British ingredients were used and where the hops didn’t totally swamp any honey character, was a great challenge.

The Session IPA has a real richness in taste with some fudge and bitter notes complementing the hops. This character comes partly from the use of one of the last sources of forage for bees before the winter, Tree Ivy. We work with a Norfolk Beekeeper to source Breckland Forest honey which has quite a marmite flavour to it, heavy in Tree Ivy Nectar and it’s harvested at the very end of the beekeeping season.
Tree Ivy only comes into bloom late in it’s life and needs to be around 15 years mature before pollinators can start frequenting this natural woodland creeper. they then use Pilgrim and Bramling Cross hops to give a woody and earthy nose and mid roasted malts that produce a lovely digestive biscuit flavour alongside the character coming from the honey.

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London , United Kingdom


With toasted malts on the palette and bramling cross hops on the nose, this beer is fermented with late season blossom honey to complement the rich bitter-sweet character





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A digestive biscuit-malt base with a delicate honey aftertaste and a peppery finish.


Hiver Blond Beer

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