Eloise – Mediterranean Tonic Water

Enjoy the Eloise for a bloom of fresh Mediterranean spices: a taste of Italy in every bottle. Enjoy it neat for an easy drink. When mixed it wisely blends freshness, bitterness and those Mediterranean spices everyone dreams about.

4 pack – 4 x 1200 mls

Harry’s Bar unlocked its front door for the first time in May 1931,

“Giuseppe,” Giulietta said, “I’ve found Harry’s Bar”. Fifteen feet by thirty, it was the cordage warehouse. I liked it at once because it was at the end of a dead-end street. At that time there was no bridge connecting the street to Piazza San Marco. The customers would have to come there on purpose and couldn’t just stop in as they were passing by. I wanted a simple, elegant place with two essential features: the customer must not feel oppressed by the décor and there had to be light.

In 2001 Harry’s Bar was declared a National Landmark by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. As a Place of National Interest for its pivotal role in twentieth-century Venice. It is the only establishment in Italy to have received such an accolade in the last 100 years.


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