Coopers Pale Ale

Enjoy a pack of 4 delicious bottles of  Coopers Pale Ale.

With its fruity and floral characters, balanced with a crisp bitterness, Coopers Pale Ale has a compelling flavour which is perfect for every occasion. Naturally fermented in the “Burton-upon-Trent” style, a secondary fermentation creates the trademark sediment that gives ‘Pale’ its fine cloudy appearance.

Easy drinking, refreshing and a reduced alcohol at 4.5%, it has less bitterness than many other pale ales.

In 1862, the brewery’s founder Thomas Cooper, a Yorkshire emigrate, brewed a restorative beverage for his ailing wife. This brew quickly became popular so he opened a small brewery close to Adelaide in South Australia.

The beer’s reputation spread and Coopers ales are now known the world over. Today, Coopers produce a wide range of beers but it is the Sparkling Ale and Pale Ale that they are best known for.

They remain a fiercely independent family brewer, currently in their 5th & 6th generations and are the only major Australian brewery still owned by Australians, with their quality roots maintained to this day.

With fruity and floral esters it is good with sushi, white fish, chicken or turkey, green salad and Thai food.

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